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Instruments of Light Dependent Vibration - Installation documentation

See 'Installation' page of website for more info.

HERD Soundscape

Extract from site-specific soundscape commission, responding to Folly Dolly Falls, Meltham, and Huddersfield's textile heritage.

Commissioned by Artichoke Trust (2023)

Solar Chimes - Installation documentation

See 'Installation' page of website for more info.


Album - Cassette/Digital. Aug 2020 Solarphones sound sculpture installation field recordings.Recorded in Marsden, Yorkshire in May/June 2020. Released by Them There Records; Available here: https://themthere.bandcamp.com/album/solarphones

Played on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone, BBC 6 Music

For Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Musuem

Commissioned by Arts & Heritage as part of their Blue Sky Museums project, June 2020. Celebrating bagpipes and divesity in the UK. Created using home recordings (under lockdown) by bagpipe players MohammedReza Beladi and Sarah Tym, and interviews with them.

Nursery Rhymes

EP - self released Apr 2020. Made under covid-19 lockdown out of a desire to write songs to connect with people. These short and strange nursery rhymes take on new meanings.


Echoes of a Market

Commissioned piece for multimedia installation by ByParley For Queensgate Market, the future of which is uncertain. Created using interviews conducted by other artists in the project, and recordings of the public piano in the market. Nov 2019

Ute Beer Release 'The Promise of a Good Smell'

Commissioned piece for multi-disciplinary beer release collaboration by North Brewing Co., Plaey, Studio.Build and Refold. Using field recordings of brewery, released on cassette.2019

Firefly Den

Commissioned piece for Creative Scene, Dewsbury.Part of installation by Lola Hałuszczak. A multi-sensory safe space for children. Audio on wireless headphones Silent Disco style.2018

The Slope of our Directions

Mini-album release on Them There Records, Radiophonic Lofi Pysch-FolkCassette and digital

Album: https://themthere.bandcamp.com/album/the-slope-of-our-directions2018


EP self-release. Murky, dark, psychedelic collage digital



Collaborative electronic music residency with Modul:projectsCulminating in live shows at Texture (Manchester), The White Hotel (Manchester) and Reform Radio.2018

Early Music

Playlist of some of my earlier music